• We are co-forming new European future with social entrepreneurship

Meeting and working together in Strasbourg on 16 and 17 January 2014, over 2000 social
entrepreneurs and supporters of social enterprise, representing the rich diversity of the social economy, have affirmed the view that social enterprises must play a bigger role in the future of Europe and have identified new ideas and actions to unlock their potential for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. One of the important aspects of the Strasbourg Declaration:

There must be a stronger engagement at EU, national, regional and local levels with the social enterprise community in the co-creation of new policies to support social enterprise, suited to the local context.



  • We are creating new green jobs

Development Cooperative eTRI is teeming with ideas and projects, because, according to Lenka Puh, even though they’re a social enterprise, they have to compete in the marketplace just like any other company. In the last two years they’ve created new green jobs for the vulnerable groups, never running out of fresh ideas for new projects.

eTRI was founded by Jazon, a company with 24 years of experience and a Jazon, Company Employing Disabled People since 2006. »We try to fulfill our goals just like any other company: by developing new services and products for our customers. Two years ago, even before the Social Entrepreneurship Act was introduced, we announced a new business model called eTRI: ecology, ergonomics and ethic economy. These are the three areas where a business needs to adapt in order to succeed,« explains Lenka Puh, cooperative chairwoman, and adds:

»We weren’t afraid to change our habits when it came to ecology – after all, our company was started by scouts and even some of the first environmentalists. Our ecological work helped educate people who later went on to shape our country’s strategy for the transition to a low carbon society, a project that wouldn’t be possible without Jernej Stritih, a well-regarded forester, environmentalist and politician. In this strategy, green jobs and social entrepreneurship are clearly written and defined, and Jazon served as an excellent example.«

Zadruga  e Tri

  • We are educating

The modern trend of flipped learning that was the main topic on the last year’s conference Edid in Slovenia, promotes cooperation, active dealing with problems, exchange of experiences and a responsibility for learning. These methods will also be applied by the first Cooperative School in Slovenia being formed within the Development Cooperative eTRI. The School will focus on sustainable content being needed for development of green jobs and more successful development of cooperatives. The programs of the Cooperative School will be implemented by 3 initiatives: 3R (reduse, reuse, recycle), eTRI Health and IT initiative. The target group: companies and individuals that would like to change their habits in the area of ecology and ergonomics. Sign in now!

  • We are including

Lumu – the light meter for the iPhone and Android is a real proof that Slovene innovative product with highly added value can enter the market in a most inclusive way. The young group of developers is aware of the importance of including different vulnerable groups so therefore the Zavod Jazon was invited in the working process enabling its team the right to work.


  •  We are winning

3R iniciative has in last year experienced a real boom and received important awards: the international Unicredit Foundation award and the 3rd place on Si.mobil elevator pitch among more than 70 competitors from Slovenia. It has also managed to get into the finals of Reinovator Challenge organized by Zavod Viva, Environmental award 2013 organized by Finance newspaper and the Social innovation 2013 within the the 4th days of social economy.


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